What a Month! A short recap of recent New Relic news before a (brief) holiday break

Before we break for the Thanksgiving holiday this week, we just wanted to briefly recap a couple of recent announcements in case you may have missed them. Lots happened inView from the 15th Floor November! First, we moved into our new downtown digs at 101 Second St. 15th Floor. Check out the view:

Next, we introduced a bunch of new features. Here’s a quick run-down:

Server Monitoring
Server MonitoringSince we announced this feature a couple of weeks ago, we have tremendously positive feedback from customers and New Relic is currently monitoring over 9,000 servers in production. Server Monitoring lets you dig even deeper into your application’s performance Server Monitoring. This core feature, available at no extra charge, helps you quickly determine whether server resource issues are affecting application performance. Whether your server is in the cloud or a data center Server Monitoring lets you monitor CPU usage, physical memory, network activity, load averages, and more so you can see which servers have capacity issues so you can take corrective action.

Python Support
Along with server monitoring, we were very pleased to announce the general availability of our new Python agent! Our very own Graham Dumpleton worked a ton of magic from the Australia office and managed to deliver out of the box support for monitoring live production apps on Django, Flask, Bottle, CherryPy, and Pylons. If you’re developing apps with any of these frameworks, be sure to check out the Python agent today.

Enhanced Real User Monitoring
RUM was enthusiastically received when we introduced it in May, and this enhancement should be welcome news for folks who want to take further advantage of this capability. Now you can view individual browser transactions to see a detailed breakdown performance from the user’s perspective.

Application Map 
Now you can easily view the components that make up your application environment, understand how they relate to each other, and see how they are performing with App Map. This feature displays a topology system view that lets you easily isolate existing problems and rapidly determine where to take action.

Slow SQL
With this feature you can track the exact SQL statements that are slowing down your site and drill down to the code level. Now you’ll see all of the worst performing SQL, in context, and understand exactly how to fix it.

Check out our overview video to see these features in action.

Lastly, team New Relic raised an additional $15M in expansion capital, and recently reached a new company milestone–our customer base is now over 14,000!

If you aren’t a user yet, try New Relic for free and start using all the cool features in less than 5 minutes.

We’re looking forward to sharing more great news in 2012! Stay tuned!


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