Wellcentive Optimizes Its DevOps Efforts with New Relic Software Analytics

Wellcentive, a pioneer in population health management for physicians and their organizations, offers cloud-based solutions that enable hospital systems and provider networks to run detailed analytics across siloed EMR systems, ultimately increasing efficiency to deliver the best possible care.


To accommodate its exponential growth, Wellcentive needed to arm its DevOps team with the right tools to help them maintain a constant pulse on their complex environment. That’s where New Relic came in.

Now, a year after deploying New Relic, Borland and his DevOps team rely heavily on New Relic APM and New Relic Insights to not only get a perspective on their performance data, all the way down to the OS level, but also, to track real-time performance page load times. By utilizing both tools, Wellcentive is able to easily identify, prevent and fix problems before they turn into a major issue. In fact, with New Relic, Wellcentive has improved application response time by nearly 90% in a matter of months, maintained their aggressive SLA and detected issues with its hosting provider before the provider knew it had a problem!

“If I could add just one person to our DevOps team,” Borland says, “it would be a dedicated Java expert who simply stares at New Relic all day. The return on investment is already so great that I’m willing to invest an entire employee to immerse themselves in it.”

With the ability to query their data in just 9 milliseconds, the Wellcentive team is able better understand customer usage, improve the customer experience, and identify systemic performance issues–the opportunities are endless. Check out the Wellcentive full case study to see how New Relic supports its agile and complex environment.

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