We love it when New Relic users share their stories! See how @aaronpeters quickly deals with slow pages

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we love it when New Relic users write their own case studies! For New Relic, as a company, seeing customers get value out of the product and then share their stories with the world is a truly rewarding experience–it validates the work we’ve done and reminds us who we are doing the work for. Today’s case in point: One excellent post on the importance of measuring page load time from Aaron Peters, Web Performance Optimization consultant and a member of our Affiliate partnership program.

In his post, excerpted below, Aaron uses a new feature, Browser transaction tracing, to get a handle on page speed for CDN Planet, a new site packed with information about Content Delivery Networks. The issue? Some pages were taking way too long to load. Aaron and his colleague Sajal Kayan knew that CDN Planet would have to be fast, and from the app perspective, it did appear to be fast. But from the perspective of real users, New Relic told a different story:

“But then the first weekly report came in via email and I saw this:
New Relic Weekly Report






3.8 seconds average page load time? 11.5% of page views took between 7 and 28 seconds to load and 1.8% was slower than 28 seconds? For us, this is Code Red. I logged in to the online reports and looked at lots of data in New Relic. What caught my eye was the data in the new Browser traces reports, which give insight in individual page views.

CDN Planet Browser TraceObviously, this data shocked me. An occasional 10 second page load time is to be expected, but 100 seconds is ridiculous. How is this possible? And so, we dug deeper by looking at individual browser traces…”

Read Aaron’s blog to find out exactly what’s responsible for the long page load times.

If you are a New Relic customer and you have a story that you’d like us to help you tell, drop us a line at marketing@newrelic.com. We promise to be nice.


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