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The Case for the Coding CEO

Speaker: New Relic’s Lew Cirne (@sweetlew)

Coding is a skill that is traditionally held by a select group of individuals within a company. We know them as developers, computer science students, programmers, hackers… and in a few rare cases (perhaps too few), CEOs. At New Relic, a San Francisco-based startup that gives developers the software analytics they need to understand web/mobile app performance, CEO and Founder Lew Cirne still actively codes, often for weeks at a time, to develop the next innovation for his products. It’s his passion. It’s his mission to instill craftsmanship even at the code level so the product will be simple and easy to use while offering advanced technical functionality at a price anyone can afford. There are now opportunities in the new economy for leaders to possess this hybrid business/technological skill set. During this solo presentation, Lew will discuss the benefits of being a CEO who embrace his inner nerd and what leaders in technology will achieve by making coding a priority.

How a Partnership Can Make or Break Your Business

Speakers: New Relic’s Bill Lapcevic (@billlap) and CloudFlare’s Maria Karaivanova (@MariaKar)

As a startup, partnerships fuel your bottom line and increase customer acquisition. However, a single partnership can make or break your company. This panel will discuss why you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to major partnerships and why it’s important to engineer partnerships that support a wide-range of services and customers. Learn how to build partnerships that rock, keeping you, your partners and your customers happy and thriving.

Party With A 3rd Party Using APIs to Sell Your App

Speakers: New Relic’s Bill Lapcevic (@billlap), AppDirect’s Daniel Saks (@danielsaks), Sendgrid’s Laurence Trifon (@ltrifon) and MongoLab’s Jared Cottrell (@jaredcottrell)

Widespread use of APIs has ushered in a new era of frictionless data sharing. Millions of people around the world use APIs everyday to work, play, and communicate faster and more easily than ever before. APIs are also revolutionizing the world of app sales and distribution. Up until now, the majority of app developers have sold and distributed applications directly through their native websites. However, using APIs to allow third parties to sell, provision, and bill on your behalf can exponentially grow your customer base—and your bottom line. This session will detail the importance of packaging apps with APIs to prime them for third party distribution, as well as how to set up the architecture required to do so.

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