Voices.com Shakes Up the Voiceover Industry with Help from New Relic

_1_Voice_Over_Marketplace_for_Voice_Talent___Voices.comDana Marks, a former tech industry marketing exec, used to be a programmer just like you. But after years of working at companies like IBM, HP, and Oracle, he eventually found a new line of work: voice acting.

Now a full-time voice actor, Marks was able to launch his second career with the help of Voices.com. Founded in 2004, Voices.com is an online marketplace that connects businesses with professional voice talent. Radio and television stations, advertising agencies, and Fortune 500 companies use the company’s award-winning web and mobile apps to access a global network of 100,000 voiceover artists in more than 100 languages.

Unlike the old days where you had to work through voiceover agents and talent agencies, this new online model makes it easy and incredibly cost-effective to find, hire, and land voiceover work. Voices.com now has more than 250,000 customers, owing much of that success to fast customer service and an app with top-notch performance—especially now, after the company improved its application response time by 50 percent using New Relic.

As explained in the video below, New Relic is helping Voices.com fix errors faster than ever before, freeing up IT resources that can be used more effectively as the company continues to grow.

For a deeper dive into the Voices.com story, read the case study. And if you’ve ever been told you had a voice for radio, give the site a try. Who knows? You could be the next programmer-turned-voice actor.

Asami Novak is director of content strategy and development at New Relic. Prior to joining the New Relic team, she wrote marketing and ad copy for a variety of B2B and B2C companies. Her editorial writing has appeared in WIRED and Dwell, among other publications. View posts by .

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