These days, there’s an app for everything. Businesses of all sizes and varieties are embracing the power of software. That’s great news for customers, because software helps them deliver a better level of customer service. But if you’re not careful, it can also create opportunities for cyber criminals.

As companies strive to improve and scale their applications as fast as possible, they risk exposing themselves to an ever-expanding array of sophisticated cyber attacks. Such attacks threaten enterprises and customers alike.

veracode logoIn order to reduce their vulnerability and stay focused on delivering high-quality apps, companies are increasingly seeking outside help. One place they can find it is Veracode.

Veracode provides automated, cloud-based security for Web, mobile, and cloud applications. This subscription-based service offers a unified platform for multiple assessment technologies—one that more than 800 organizations depend on every single day. Those organizations include three of the top four banks (not to mention more than 20 other brands) in the Fortune 100.

Veracode helps its customers build and deploy software faster—without sacrificing security. The company says its cloud-based platform has assessed more than 1.5 trillion lines of code and performed 200,000 vulnerability scans on public Web-facing applications, for hundreds of the largest enterprises worldwide.

Total commitment

With so many high-profile clients depending on Veracode for round-the-clock protection, the company has to be totally committed to customer satisfaction. It’s critical that the service is always available and delivering fast turnaround times to support customers’ agile development cycles.

Such commitment was presenting challenges, however. The difficulties of identifying and resolving performance issues were leading to confusion and frustration. The result? Breakdowns in communication and collaboration, culminating in frequent finger-pointing across different teams responsible for different parts of the tech stack.

CIO Bill Brown and his colleagues knew exactly what they needed: a SaaS-based, purpose-built tool for performance monitoring and software analytics. “New Relic was at the top of our list,” says Brown.

bill brown veracode CIO

Full deployment

Veracode deployed the New Relic platform (including New Relic APM, New Relic Browser, New Relic Insights, New Relic Servers, and New Relic Synthetics) to monitor both its customer-facing platform and its internal business systems.

After initially using New Relic to scrutinize post-deployment performance, the depth and usefulness of the data at its disposal soon convinced the Veracode team to expand that usage across its entire environment, including development, pre-production, and production, both on-premises and in the cloud.

New Relic helps Veracode scale its service to support the massive number of applications its customers need to scan, while maintaining performance and availability. That’s great news for Veracode customers, and it makes life easier for employees, too. “Our engineers love having all the application data in a single pane of glass,” says Patrick Hetherton, director of SaaS operations.

Critical confidence

Thanks to the deep visibility provided by New Relic, frustration and finger-pointing are much less prevalent. Troubleshooting is now faster and more effective, and the company has been able to reach a more mature stage with its DevOps approach. Most important, Bill Brown and his team can approach each new work week feeling empowered and equipped to tackle whatever comes their way.

“I appreciate the reports I get from New Relic on Monday mornings because they give me a good snapshot of what happened during the past week, and visibility into any trends that we need to act on,” says Brown. “The insight I get from New Relic gives me confidence that the team is responding to critical alerts when we get them, and being proactive about delivering a good customer experience.”

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