4 Reasons Your Company Needs Private Clouds [Webinar]

Cloud computing has become important to a variety of businesses. The ability to replace expensive traditional, data centers with flexible, scalable, cloud offerings has become a mantra in many organizations.

But despite the popularity of cloud architectures, can third-party cloud providers replace everything that in-house data centers do? Do they always supply the security, compliance, and control over critical operations your company depends on—especially when public cloud adoption can occur on an ad hoc basis without the supervision of IT operations? Finally, even as lower prices make the public cloud more accessible, giant enterprises often find that their internal economies of scale can end up saving them money.

So how do you tell which approach is right for your organization, and in what circumstances?


This free VentureBeat Webinar—The Private Cloud Diaries, 4 Reasons Your Company Needs Private Clouds, sponsored by New Relic—lets you hear from industry experts on when private clouds are—and aren’t—appropriate.

Moderated by VentureBeat editor and analyst Wendy Schuchart, panelists include Craig Sowell, senior vice president of global marketing at Datapipe, Ravi Madduri, product manager at the Argonne National Laboratory and a fellow at the University of Chicago, and Diane Mueller, community manager for OpenShift, the Red Hat-sponsored Open Source Platform-as-a-Service. Mueller has been designing and implementing products and applications embedded into mission-critical financial and accounting systems at Fortune 500 corporations for more than 30 years.

Webinar attendees can learn about the resource-provisioning issues that can arise from public clouds, learn how to mitigate the cloud’s remote-access issues, and get recommendations on how to build a private cloud infrastructure designed to adapt and grow in the same ways that public-cloud offerings do.

The Private Cloud Diaries, 4 Reasons Your Company Needs Private Clouds starts promptly at 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. Pacific Time this Friday, October 24, 2014. Register now!


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