Using New Relic Application Performance Management for Security

Using APM for SecurityThe Virtualization Practice, a leading technology advisory firm, recently published a white paper titled “Using Application Performance Management for Security”. In the paper, analyst Edward Haletky examines how application performance management (APM) tools, such as New Relic, can help identify security issues as soon as possible after an issue occurs.

Unlike traditional security tools that look for unusual patterns of activity, APM tools track everything that happens within an application from where an action starts to where it ends. By understanding how an application performs normally, APM tools act as an early warning system against security threats and attacks.

In the paper, Edward cites a real world example of how New Relic helped identify a security issues as it was occurring. He describes key metrics to watch and outlines specific steps you can take to protect your application and network.

For more information on how New Relic can provide security for you application, read the full white paper.'

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