Highlights from Our New York and LA User Groups

A few months back we announced a series of New Relic User Groups happening around the country. We gathered a crew of expert speakers, packed our bags, and hit the road to meet with our community and chat about getting the most out of New Relic products. We’ve already stopped by New York and Los Angeles, with Chicago and London next in line.

The results so far? An exciting exchange of knowledge, as attendees shared their experience, needs, and challenges with other users and members of our own team. Meeting face-to-face offered opportunities for learning and connecting with others in the industry.

Lessons from the experts

Our customers are often the real experts when it comes to using New Relic day to day, so we were thrilled to hear from power users like Chris Handy of Conde NastCT Rhude of ReachLocal, and Bob Wall of Washio. They each shared stories about their organizations’ unique challenges and how they tackled them.

User Group 1

For instance, on-demand laundry startup Washio relies heavily on operations and logistics to maintain their business, as do many other mobile companies providing on-demand services. Because both users and delivery drivers hit the Washio API, the performance of API calls is especially crucial. Bob highlighted that New Relic’s transaction traces are immensely useful for keeping an eye out for slow API calls that could interfere with both user experience and order fulfillment.

In our discussions and Q&A sessions, attendees got a close look at New Relic’s many advanced features – from deployment tracking and server monitoring to setting up Custom Dashboards and configuring alerts. Our product management team even dropped in to talk about extending functionality and integrating your other services with New Relic’s Agent SDK and Platform.

Looking at the bigger picture, speakers like CT Rhude shared how implementing New Relic can change organizational culture by improving transparency across product, engineering, and ops teams. This touched the idea that site performance is really a distributed responsibility, something we firmly believe in.

Don’t take it from us

Of course, one of the most valuable aspects of attending the User Groups has been connecting with interesting people. LA User Group attendee Ahmad Rashidi of Implant Direct put it best when he said:

It’s really eye-opening to learn from the heavy New Relic users who use the product not only for monitoring but also to bring their teams closer and establish more transparency and teamwork. I also enjoyed getting the chance to meet with some of the key people behind New Relic and learn about the product and their goals for the future.

Coming to a city near you

If you’re interested in joining us at our next user group, check out our Worldwide Meetup page. Don’t see your city, or have a venue space you’d like to offer up? Send us an email at community@newrelic.com or leave a note in our User Group forum, and we’ll look into setting up a user group in your area.

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