On May 20, New Relic returned to London, where we had a solid turnout for the second London New Relic User Group. This time around, a crowd of relative newcomers to New Relic shared their excitement for the New Relic Platform and newer products like New Relic Browser and New Relic Insights. There was great conversation and mingling, sparking potential friendships and networking opportunities, not to mention opportunities for deeper understanding of how New Relic can reveal things about their applications they never knew before.

Big thanks to our friends at thetrainline.com for hosting us in their offices.

New Relic beyond APM

Chris Dunne, senior technical account manager for New Relic, opened the evening with questions for the audience about their experience with New Relic. About a quarter of attendees were veterans of the first London User Group back in December. Unlike at the first event, most people considered themselves New Relic beginners, with experience ranging from 1 month to 3 years.

Chris’s interactive, platform-oriented talk was tailored for users wanting to extend their monitoring reach beyond New Relic APM. He highlighted three useful features: the JavaScript API, our new Service Maps, and New Relic’s new and improved Alerts.

chris dunne presenting at London user group

To illustrate the value of the JavaScript API and end-user monitoring, Chris had the audience fill out a sample form and then displayed the results in real time using New Relic Insights. He demonstrated which devices were being used, what browsers, the number of unsubmitted forms, and other data, which piqued the interest of the numerous frontend developers in the crowd. Attendees seemed to really enjoy the presentation—especially when Chris started handing out prizes!

After a high-level overview of Service Maps and Alerts, Chris answered questions about custom attributes, security, and alerting. Not surprisingly, many attendees were concerned about user data and the location of our data centers, and were pleased to hear that we are EU Safe Harbor certified.

Improving customer happiness at the Trainline

Next up, our host Paul Kiddie, a developer at leading UK online train-ticket provider thetrainline.com, shared how his team went from zero to full monitoring of all Trainline products with New Relic. Paul explained that the Trainline initially picked up New Relic because it needed a solution for continuous monitoring on its main site. The team chose New Relic because it’s designed for ease of use, simple setup, and shared dashboards. After getting started with the .NET agent, the Trainline has since tried out the Node Agent, server monitoring, and, more recently, New Relic Insights.

paul kiddie user group presentation

Paul then listed some of his team’s most-used New Relic features, including:

  • High-security mode
  • Near real-time error logging and alerting
  • Deployment markers
  • Combined application and end user performance monitoring
  • Insights funnels

The Trainline was able to get immediate value from New Relic; most notably:

  • Using error rates as a key team performance indicator
  • Driving down error rate through weekly health checks
  • Faster remediation of the top three errors by adding them directly to the dev team’s backlog
  • Making stack traces visible and actionable by developers without further analysis

Insights, event logs, and custom attributes

To close out the night, Kully Singh and Jack Tench, software engineers at NewVoiceMedia, explained how they’re pushing custom data into New Relic to get better insight into how their customer communications platform is used. Kully and Jack shared several sample NRQL queries and dashboards, and walked through some of the challenges that New Relic has helped uncover. But perhaps the most memorable part of their presentation was this awesome quote: “New Relic is like LSD: When you use it, you see things you never saw before.”

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