Unwired Revolution Speeds Up Build Times With New Relic

Based in Phoenix, Unwired Revolution has a small, distributed team dedicated to integrating mobile solutions for enterprise clients. Everything they build is to enable employees to be more productive away from their desks, while managing devices and ensuring the security of corporate assets.

Matt Vlasach, the Director of Mobile Products, integrated New Relic into their products to give the team insights into the performance and stability of production services. He credits New Relic for helping his team consolidate development and troubleshooting efforts using the central dashboard to reveal performance bottlenecks and errors simultaneously from both their mobile apps and application servers.

“The day the New Relic SDK was introduced I had it in my project and working within 5 minutes. The most immediate value was being able to see what errors users were experiencing in near real-time in the field, without us ever having to talk to a customer or receive a support request,” said Vlasach.

Using New Relic dramatically cut down his team’s development time allowing the company to push out and enhance two great new products, DocLink and DeviceLink, by eliminating unnecessary end-user support and providing instant insight into the health of their services.  We recently interviewed Matt to learn about his experience with New Relic and its impact on his team, company, and customers.

Check out this video and the written case study about Unwired Revolution’s use of New Relic.


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