Typesafe Partners with New Relic, Adds Monitoring for Typesafe Activator

Good news for Typesafe users: New Relic has expanded our partnership with Typesafe, provider of a leading Reactive platform and the company behind Play Framework, Akka, and Scala.

Enterprise application developers can now get instant access to New Relic’s real-time application performance monitoring (APM) tools while using the Typesafe Activator–a unique browser-based hub that helps developers get started with Typesafe technologies.

We’re building on the partnership with Typesafe we announced last year to help developers build a new generation of applications that are more resilient and more responsive to user interactions. APM’s real-time data analysis is critical to continuous development, testing, and deployment in modern software-development environments.

Typesafe is dedicated to helping developers build Reactive applications on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The Typesafe Reactive Platform lets you create modern, event-driven applications that scale on multicore and cloud-computing architectures. And now that New Relic is available through Typesafe Activator, you can get data about your application in real-time with visual analysis including data points, account data, performance reporting, and more.

“Adding real-time monitoring on the fly from New Relic is a huge productivity boon for developers,” said Hywel Evans, director of alliances at Typesafe. “We think this integration of APM ISVs demonstrates the flexibility and potential of Typesafe Activator and really paves the way for future commercial integrations to give developers more control and confidence as they create Reactive applications on the Typesafe platform.”

Bill Lapcevic, vice president of business development at New Relic, added that, “We contribute to the JVM ecosystem with advanced metrics and visibility as well as to Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, .NET, and Node.js languages and frameworks.

You can learn more about the partnership in Typesafe’s press release. To get started and learn more about using New Relic to get data on your applications in real-time, download the Typesafe Activator here and be sure to sign-up at http://newrelic.com/typesafe – you’ll get a free-forever, unlimited-use New Relic Standard account, which includes a free trial of New Relic Pro.


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