At New Relic, we provide tools to help builders and operators of websites, mobile apps, and backend software ensure that everything is working properly and understand how it’s being used. This is part of what we call Software Analytics. At our recent FutureStack15 conference, New Relic founder and CEO Lew Cirne announced that we would be unleashing the power of software analytics across all our products, for all our paying Pro and Enterprise customers.

But what exactly is software analytics, and how can modern businesses leverage it to grow and thrive?

The video below is a recording of a recent webinar in which Patrick Lightbody, VP of Product Management at New Relic, gives an engaging and informative presentation on “The Power of Software Analytics,” focusing on the capabilities of the New Relic Software Analytics Cloud. Patrick is joined by Alex Witherspoon, VP of Platform Engineering at FlightStats, and Kevin Klein, VP of Engineering at BloomThat, who share stories about how their companies are harnessing the power of data to improve both software and business performance.

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Patrick, Alex, and Kevin cover:

  • Why the “dimensionality” of your data is crucially important [time code 3:50]
  • How to look at your data from many different dimensions [12:05]
  • Why managing software in today’s environment requires “lossless” data [15:03]
  • Introduction to the New Relic Software Analytics Cloud and NRDB [19:35]
  • The extensive new capabilities now available free to paying New Relic customers [21:30]
  • How FlightStats rearchitected its environment from both an infrastructure perspective as well as a software perspective [31:50]
  • How FlightStats uses data to make decisions about how to align its teams [33:50]
  • How BloomThat uses software analytics to make better marketing decisions [44:28]
  • How Data Explorer is empowering BloomThat’s non-technical employees to answer their own data-related questions [45:05]

Whether you’re in DevOps, IT operations, engineering, application support, or product management, this presentation can help you understand how to use the data created by your software to improve the performance of your software, your operations, and your business. All powered by the New Relic Software Analytics Cloud.

Watch the full hour-long presentation below:


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