New Transaction-level End-to-end Visibility for Complex Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs)

We’re delighted to announce two great new end-to-end visualizations within our New Relic APM product that show your transactions in the context of your service oriented architecture (SOA). The visualizations help you spot bottlenecks in your cross application call flows and can provide an end-to-end understanding of how specific transactions are used by other applications and services. This information leads to faster problem diagnosis and better collaboration across teams.

Transaction Map

The new Transaction Map shows an aggregate view of the end-to-end call flows that your transactions are involved in. Use it to spot bottlenecks in your systems and ensure you understand the ways your transaction is being used. The Transaction Map can be found on both Transactions and Key Transactions in the “Map” tab.


Trace Map

The new Trace Map is like the Transaction Map but focused on a single instance of a cross application call flow. Think of it like a Transaction Trace but across multiple applications. You can find it in the Transaction Trace drilldown in the “Map” tab.


An example

As an example, say Alice gets an alert that her app’s login page is way too slow. She views its Transaction Map in New Relic and sees immediately that it is waiting on an external call to the Auth Service’s authentication endpoint. She drills into the transaction for the endpoint and sees that there is database contention. She isn’t responsible for the Auth Service so she captures her observations in a Note and shares it with the Auth Service on-call engineer. From there the root cause is isolated and the issue resolved so that the login service is back up to speed.

How it works

New Relic agents running with your applications include a message property or HTTP request header in outgoing messages or HTTP calls. The receiving agent records this information as part of the transaction event sent to New Relic’s data collection service. Then, when you view a map, the visualizations is synthesized from the transaction events into the end-to-end pictures you see above. Check the documentation for Transaction Map and Trace Map for more details.

Try it

These new features are available with the New Relic .NET agent 3.5+Java agent 3.9.0+Ruby agent 3.9.1+, PHP agent 4.19+, Node.js agent 1.12+, and Python agent 2.38+ at the Pro level or above. Update your agent and begin trying it out today!

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