Our recent New Relic London Summit featured a presentation by Mark Holt, chief technology officer for the U.K.’s popular rail ticket seller Trainline. Mark’s talk, “From Application Metrics to Customer Experience Metrics,” was a high-level walkthrough of how his company uses New Relic to manage all the different bits of data that are always competing for attention in any modern digital business.

Trainline, which sells rail tickets via its website and mobile app, is the fifth largest retailer in the U.K. with £1.9 billion (USD $2.7 billion) worth of annual ticket sales and 6.5 million visitors a month. The company’s goal, Mark said, is to turn train journeys into a “magic carpet ride” by making them as seamless and painless as possible with reliable ticket sales, real-time schedule updates, and a flawless customer experience.

Mark walked the audience through how the New Relic Software Analytics Cloud brings benefits to nearly every aspect of his business, from tracking Trainline’s financials to optimizing site performance, from improving the customer experience all the way to motivating the company’s own employees.

london summit mark holt

Mark shared how New Relic helps Trainline:

  • Know to the penny how much revenue it takes in each day
  • Determine exactly how many users open its app at any given time
  • Reduce system error rates to nearly zero
  • Track credit card acceptance rates in real time
  • Improve the speed of everything across the board
  • Migrate its private data center to AWS without any negative impact on performance

And that’s just the beginning. As Mark says, “All of our developers, all our operations people, everybody in our organization on the tech side uses New Relic on a daily basis. It’s kind of our core tool for doing everything.”

To learn more, watch the full video of Mark’s presentation below:

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