Cloud provider Tier 3 integrates free New Relic with its enterprise-grade platform

Great news for organizations deploying business-critical apps in the cloud! This morning we announced a new partnership with enterprise cloud platform provider Tier 3, which makes New Relic’s application monitoring and management available at no cost to Tier 3 customers. Since 2006, Tier 3 has offered an agile, enterprise cloud platform to large and medium sized companies. Architected for security, risk mitigation, and high availability, Tier 3 is optimized for production environments and mission-critical applications.

Tier 3’s customers have three ways to use New Relic with the enterprise cloud platform. New Relic Standard is immediately available for free with every enterprise server deployment.  Users can also upgrade to New Relic Professional in the Tier 3 portal. They also have the option of deploying New Relic via Blueprints, a cloud orchestration tool that enables third party software providers to specify New Relic as a required software package as they publish templates in Tier 3’s Blueprint Library.

Jared Wray, Tier 3’s Chief Technology Officer, said today, “Enterprise developers require performance, stability and scalability in their mission crucial applications, but still struggle with monitoring these applications. New Relic’s application-level monitoring and analytic capabilities combined with Tier 3’s custom infrastructure and OS monitoring enables our customers with the most advanced cloud environment monitoring on the market.” Tier 3’s engineers are also leveraging New Relic to further enhance the predictive optimization technologies that tune Tier 3’s cloud for performance and scale.

For more information, login to your Tier 3 control panel or watch the How to Deploy New Relic as a Blueprint and the How to View or Monitor a Java App Deployed on Your Blueprint videos.

[Short Demo] New Relic Blueprint on Tier 3 Enterprise Cloud Platform from Tier 3 on Vimeo.

[Long Demo] New Relic Blueprint on Tier 3 Enterprise Cloud Platform from Tier 3 on Vimeo.

We look forward to working with Tier 3 and their customers! As usual, send us a email if you have any questions.'

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