In order to help our customers learn how they can get even more out of our products, we hold regular New Relic User Group meetups where members of our user community come together to attend product workshops, listen to informative presentations from New Relic customers and execs, and network with other local technology professionals.

But New Relic User Group meetups aren’t just staid occasions where everyone stands around looking uncomfortable. That’s not how New Relic rolls. For one thing, we provide plenty of delicious free food and beer to help make sure everyone has a good time. And that’s only the beginning—check out 10 more fun facts about our New Relic User Groups:

1. The New Relic User Group program is about to celebrate its first birthday.

We held our inaugural User Group event on August 7, 2014, in New York City.

2. Our User Groups are very popular.

To date, we have held 18 New Relic User Group meetups, with more than 850 total attendees.

globe with many cities3. We’ve held New Relic User Groups all over the world.

We launched our first meetup outside of the United States in London on December 3, 2014. So far we have held events on four continents: North America, Europe, South America, and Australia. Our first User Group event held in South America was in São Paulo, Brazil.

4. We’ve attracted a stellar lineup of speakers.

In addition to our own experts, each User Group event features an informative presentation from a New Relic customer. Recent events have featured talks by Kyle Guichard of Intuit, Vince Veselosky and Chris DiGanci of Cox Media Group, Alberto Lopez of Pixable, and David Kent of U.S. Foods, just to name a few.

5. We just launched a new Community portal.

We recently added a new Community section to our website, which features a calendar where you can see all the upcoming New Relic events, including User Group events (just choose “NRUG” from the calendar pulldown menu.)

6. They’re a great way to check out cool offices.

braintree officesOur User Groups are often hosted by companies located in the cities we’re visiting—a great opportunity to check out some interesting office spaces! Phil Weber, a New Relic technical trainer who often presents at our events, was particularly struck by the “super cool” workspace of our Chicago host Braintree, an online payment processing company, which is housed in the historic Merchandise Mart. (Check out a recent profile of our own headquarters in the San Francisco Chronicle.)

7. Attendees are curious about four things in particular.

According to Tori Wieldt, our developer evangelist, New Relic users are always eager to hear more about this short list of topics:

8. We’re inspired by the passion of New Relic users.

Spending time with so many interesting, engaged User Group attendees inspired Noelle Daley, our former community manager, to go over to the “code side” herself and become a developer by attending Hackbright Academy. (Stay tuned for a profile of our brand new community events manager, Jackson de Oliveira.)

9. We go the extra mile to make sure our guests are properly hydrated.

At the Chicago user group meetup in June, our beer delivery was canceled without any notice. So a couple of New Relic employees volunteered to head down to the drugstore in the ground floor of our host’s building and hauled up just about every 6-pack of beer left in the refrigerator case, somehow making it up to the venue without dropping a single bottle. We apologize for anyone looking to buy a brew after we cleaned out the store…

Data Nerd t-shirt10. Attendees really love our schwag.

Our event attendees love our free T-shirts so much that they often take five when leaving a user group event—one to wear every day of the work week. One guy at our Silicon Valley event explained that he was just a “T-shirt mule” for his coworkers.

Join us!

New Relic User Groups are a great opportunity to meet and learn from other New Relic users in your area, hang with the New Relic team, and get answers to some of your lingering questions. If you haven’t attended one of these events yet, we hope you’ll check out the next one that comes to your city. If you’ve already attended a User Group meetup, we’re looking forward to seeing you again when we come back to visit.

Our User Group meetups are taking the summer off and are scheduled to return in the fall with an exciting, busy schedule and lots of amazing guest speakers. Check back here in September for info on upcoming events, and remember to keep your eye on our new events calendar for information on all New Relic events and meetups.

Interested in speaking at our next event or setting up a New Relic User Group in your city? Drop us a note at community@newrelic.comNote: Event dates, speakers, and schedules are subject to change without notice.


Balloon and globe images courtesy of Braintree office image courtesy of Phil Weber.

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