The Rise of the New Kingmakers

The New Kingmakers: How Developers Conquered the WorldWe haven’t been shy about sharing our belief that New Relic represents a new kind of company, by developers for developers. As a company of coders, developer advocacy is part of our DNA. And we’ve celebrated developers from all walks of life who have made significant contributions to technology and society.

Of course, we haven’t been the only ones focused on the developer class. In the latter half of 2010, Redmonk analyst Stephen O’Grady published a remarkable and controversial blog post on the ascendancy of developers. In it he described a phenomenon that many were sensing, but few had pointed out in quite such a way.*

He argued that, in fact, developers had already ascended to the heights of power – only no one had seemed to realize it. Under circumstances like these, he writes “the process of technology adoption shifts fundamentally and, likely, permanently” as developers decide for themselves what tools and platforms best support their needs and the needs of the business.

The Nerd Economy Takes Off
New Relic was distinctly aware of founded on this very principle: that modern OSS and SaaS-based tools would be not only created by, but also acquired and adopted by developers. As such, our founder and CEO Lew Cirne was on hand to comment on the trend identified in ‘Kingmakers’ and confirm how it plays such a key role in New Relic’s go-to-market model.

Today we see terms like ‘The Rise of the Developer’, ‘The Consumerization of IT’ and ‘The New Economy’ used to discuss this shift. But on many levels, these discussions are simply the continuation of the ongoing conversation that Stephen, and forward-thinking companies like New Relic, have been having with the developer community for several years now.

So when we learned that The New Kingmakers was coming out as a book, we jumped at the chance to help get this important message out to as many people as possible. And just as Lew and Stephen were on the same page back then, they still are today (well, not literally, but close) as this special edition of the book also includes a forward from Lew.

“Today, developers are unquestionably one of the most important assets a business has…This important book documents developers’ movement out of the shadows and into the light as new influencers on society.” — Lew Cirne, from the foreword to “Kingmakers”

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We invite you to get your free digital copy of the book today. Simply sign up for a free New Relic account (which takes about 30 seconds, no credit card required) and the book is automatically yours. Or even better, deploy the New Relic agent today and get a free Nerd Life t-shirt to commemorate your status as one of today’s power players. And be sure to spread the word to your friends.

* Full disclosure, New Relic is currently a paying client of Redmonk, but was not at the time Stephen O’Grady first published his ‘Kingmakers’ blog post.

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