The Newest Platform Publishers on the Scene

You might remember back in June when New Relic opened its extensible Platform to our developer community. For the first time, you could build customizable plugins to monitor third-party technology in New Relic’s first class charts and graphs. This gave our customers the ability to monitor all the components that make up an application stack.

But the real thanks go to the publishers, who are the brains and fingers behind the exceptional plugins that have arrived on the scene in the last two months. The plugins they’ve built let you monitor a wide array of components, such as Databases (Postgres), Queuing (Sidekiq), Networks (Hadoop), and even Communication Services (Twilio). These are a testament to our skilled publisher community and the fact that plugins can be built for nearly anything you might need.

We rounded up our latest Publishers to show you just how diverse they all are, along with how many new technologies are being monitored on New Relic’s Platform. If you want a full list of our 60+ available plugins, just scroll down our Platform page. If you cant find the one you need, why not get started building one yourself? These publishers can tell you just how easy it is.

Platform Publishers Since Launch

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