The List: Which cloud platform and hosting providers are giving their customers great deals on New Relic?

PartnershipWe were blown away by the support that our partners gave us last week as we introduced Real User Monitoring. We owe hugs to each and every one of you! Until we can get around to that, we thought we’d highlight the platform and hosting providers that have teamed with New Relic to provide New Relic at discounted prices or free of charge to their customers. If you have an account with any of the leading vendors listed below, you could be eligible for a sweet deal on New Relic! Just inquire with your vendor rep or check the vendor’s partner page for info on New Relic. If the partner has integrated New Relic with their management console, you will find instructions for getting started after you log in o the console.

Without further ado, here’s the list:

AcquiaAcquia offers web hosting and consulting services for Drupal, the PHP-based open source content management system. Customers of the hosting service get free New Relic Standard and integration of New Relic within the Acquia Network.Learn more.

Blue Box GroupBlue Box Group is a Ruby on Rails hosting provider that offers customized services for their clients based on their needs. Blue Box Group customers are eligible for free New Relic Standard, which is integrated with Box Panel. Learn more.

BrightboxBrightbox provides scalable hosting services optimized for Ruby on Rails. New Relic Standard is available free of charge to Brightbox customers. Learn more.

theCloudtheCloud, from LayerX is a hosting service that enables companies to build a business network in the cloud including web hosting, email, database and more.
New Relic Standard is available free of charge New Relic is integrated with TheCloud console for easy implementation.

CloudbeesCloudbees is a Platform as a Service for Java web apps. Cloudbees lets companies build, test, and deploy web apps in the Cloud.
New Relic Standard is available free of charge and is integrated with RUN@cloud console.

cloudControlcloudContol offers a PHP cloud hosting platform as a service. It’s fully-managed service is designed to provide a robust, scalable, no-hassle app deployment environment. New Relic Standard is available free of charge in the add-on marketplace. Login here.

Engine YardEngine Yard is a cloud platform provider for Ruby on Rails. Its proven solutions serve a wide range of business needs from basic cloud hosting to enterprise-grade PaaS. Engine Yard offers New Relic Standard free to its customers. Learn more.

HerokuHeroku provides a proven platform as a service (PaaS) for building, deploying, and running cloud apps using Ruby. New Relic Standard is available free of charge to Heroku customers. Learn more.

JoyentCloudJoyentCloud is a global cloud computing software company offering cloud computing solutions worldwide since 2004. It supports multiple languages and frameworks. New Relic Standard is available to JoyentCloud customers with 1GB SmartMachines/VirtualMachines or larger. Learn more.

MorphlabsMorphLabs is a cloud computing platform provider whose solutions enable enterprises and service providers to deploy automated and elastic cloud computing infrastructures. New Relic Standard is available free of charge to MorphLabs customers. Learn more.

OrchestraOrchestra is a PHP platform built on Amazon Web Services for deploying, scaling and managing  PHP applications. New Relic Standard is available free of charge. Learn more.

Network ReduxNetwork Redux is a web hosting and data service provider that develops, deploys and manages Web Hosting environments for Internet PHP projects both large and small. New Relic Standard is available free of charge through integration with the Network Redux console. Learn more.

PHP FogPHP Fog is a cloud service provider for PHP whose application stack is designed to provide reliability, ease of use, scalability, and speed. New Relic Standard is available free of charge to PHP Fog customers. Learn more.

RackspaceRackspace delivers enterprise-level hosting services to businesses of all sizes and kinds around the world. New Relic Standard is available to Rackspace Cloud Servers customers at no charge. Learn more.

RightScaleRightscale offers a fully automated management platform that delivers the scalable, cost-effective, on-demand power of cloud computing, while providing complete IT control and transparency. Learn More.

VoxelVoxel delivers high-performance Internet infrastructure that is scalable, fully supported and cost-effective. New Relic Standard is available free of charge for Voxel customers. Learn more.'

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