The Core Rails Team wants YOU!

Uncle SamYour attention, your attention please. Will all Rails developers, website designers, and application owners please step forward. We are looking for volunteers for a critical mission.

Your Mission: Provide your real life performance data to the Core Rails Team.

Why Volunteer? This is your chance to really give back to the Rails community. When you provide your performance data, you are giving the Core Rails Team key insights into how Rails is being used in deployed applications. These insights will help identify ways to make Rails even better, faster, and stronger.

“Tapping into the collective data of hundreds of production Rails applications gives us visibility into how Rails is performing in general—data that’s virtually impossible to get otherwise. Only through data gathered directly from the Rails community can we see how the platform is truly being used. Through the program, New Relic and Rails developers are helping to make Rails better for everyone.”

– Michael “Koz” Koziarski, Rails Core Team member

OK, I’m in! How do I start my Mission? That is the easiest part! Simply, log into your RPM account here and click on “Account”, then just make sure Core Rails Team Access is selected. (You need to be one of your company’s RPM Administrators to select this feature.)

All RPM account types from our Free Lite version to Gold are eligible to participate. Don’t have an RPM account? Subscribe here, it’s free!

Good luck and Godspeed. The fate of Rails may well rest in your hands!

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