The cloud is real: over 1000 customers have chosen New Relic RPM to manage apps in public and private clouds

New Relic manages apps in cloud Over the course of the year we’ve had a number of conversations with developers, IT managers, journalists, and industry analysts about the future of application deployment and management. Along the way, we’ve encountered skeptics who aren’t quite ready to believe that many businesses are actually migrating mission-critical production apps to the cloud–and reaping huge benefits as a result. Perhaps today’s New Relic news will help them change their minds.

We just announced that we are currently managing the performance of applications in public or private cloud environments for more than 1000 customer accounts. When combined with the number of organizations using New Relic in traditional datacenters, this brings New Relic’s total account base to over 3,000.

So far this year, the number of New Relic cloud customers has more than quadrupled (and our total customer base has more than tripled). This remarkable growth underscores the impact that cloud computing is having on IT organizations around the world, as they move to take advantage of the flexibility, efficiency, and cost-savings benefits of deploying and maintaining applications in virtualized environments.

Amy Wohl, noted industry analyst and author of “Succeeding at SaaS: Computing in the Cloud,” confirms that the cloud is increasingly becoming an attractive deployment option for more and more companies. “Application deployments in public and private cloud infrastructures are clearly on the rise as more IT and development organizations seek flexible alternatives to traditional tools and methodologies. Over the least year we have seen strong growth in PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS offerings in response to healthy demand; we expect this trend to continue to the point where cloud computing becomes one of the standard deployment and hosting platforms used by modern IT organizations. In fact, a major part of Version 2.0 of my book, coming out in January, is about the expansion of the cloud.”

New Relic CEO Lew Cirne highlighted how cloud-ready SaaS offerings like RPM are also changing, for the better, the the way IT and development teams work. “New Relic RPM plays an essential role in the movement to the cloud because it can help application owners to reduce risk and shorten the development-to-production cycle for web applications, while maintaining high performance. By providing deep, live visibility into application performance, immediate post-deployment feedback, and the information needed to rapidly spot and remediate issues before they affect customers, New Relic allows developers, IT and business stakeholders to embrace rather than resist change.”

Don’t wait for management in the Cloud!

Find out more about how New Relic RPM can help you monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize apps deployed in public or private clouds. You’re just two minutes away from knowing more about your applications than ever before.'

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