Thanks Freckle!

FreckleFreckle, a new Ruby on Rails time tracking online service launched on December 3rd. It looks very exciting and promises to be extremely valuable to anyone who bills out for their time. So, why is this news in the New Relic blog? Well, the folks at Freckle have been using New Relic RPM to performance tune and optimize their Rails app. The result of which is their December 3rd launch.

Thomas Fuchs, one of the founders of Freckle had this to say:

The fruit of our hard labor, freckle time tracking, is now live and it works just great. This is in part due to the awesome infrastructure that is now available for hosted applications, in particular two services for Ruby on Rails: Exceptional, and New Relic RPM. Plus good ol’ (well not so) Github.

In troubled economic times, it is so great to see a really fantastic service coming online! And especially one that was built in Rails. We at New Relic say “Congratulations Freckle!” and are so glad to have been a small part of your launch!'

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