Thanks To Our Customers and Partners (and Our SaaS Business Model) for an Amazing 2010!

This is an exciting time to be delivering a service that helps developers build and manage web and mobile apps.  We’ve been at it since 2008, and its clear that apps are becoming more central to our daily lives than ever before. New Relic Customer GrowthWe’ve got apps on the brain because we’ve been conducting our annual review of the previous year’s business and the number of customers as well as the number of apps under management by New Relic’s service have grown dramatically. We thought we’d share some of the numbers in this post to give folks an idea of what we’re talking about. (Hint: check out the graphic to the right.) Before we do, we want to say a heartfelt thanks to our many customers and partners for helping us successfully achieve our goals in 2010. Both of these groups have been invaluable sources for product feedback and for helping get the word out about our service. The support we have received from the PHP and Ruby communities has been heartwarming. Thank you again. Now, to the numbers and a roundup of 2010 performance for New Relic.

Rapid Growth

2010 marked a year of rapid growth for the company, evidenced by 100%+ increase in our deployed customer base and a threefold increase in the number of web application processes monitored by New Relic (see stats below). Additionally, Q4 2010 marked the eight consecutive quarter in which the company had record breaking revenue growth (sorry, TechCrunch – while we believe in transparency, we aren’t sharing our actual revenue numbers!). We took a modest round of funding led by Tenaya Capital, and joined by Allen and Co. as well as Benchmark Capital and Trinity Ventures. This C round has helped us speed our growth and things are going so well we don’t anticipate taking any further rounds. This, together with robust new product capabilities, partnerships with leading platform and hosting vendors, and significant customer wins all contributed to the company’s record-setting year.

For those keeping score:

• We increased in customer base from 3,200 to 6,500, more than 4,500 of which have application deployed in public or private clouds

• We increased in number of web application processes monitored from 35,000 to over 100,000+

• New customers Wooga (PHP), Motorola (.NET), Groupon (Ruby), and Comcast (Java), and IGN (all of the above)


• We strengthened existing partnership and entered into several new ones with leading vendors such as Atlassian, Blue Box Group, Engine Yard, Heroku, GigaSpaces, GoGrid, GridGain, Joyent, Microsoft, and VMware.

Key Innovations In 2010:

• The very first Java profiling capability designed for and used in live productions environments
Multiple language support in one tool/one interface including Ruby, PHP, Java and .NET
• The very first Availability Monitoring feature delivered as a core component of on-demand APM

Currently, as of February 2010, on a daily basis New Relic measures and monitors:

1.4 Billion rows of data (see Bayard’s post for more interesting detail)
100,000+ web application processes
10,000+ virtual machines

What’s in store for 2011?

We’d like to tell you exactly what we’re cooking up for the year, but that would take all the excitement out of it. For now we’ll say say that we’re looking forward to expanding our visibility from both inside and outside the app environment, to address the growing demand for real-time visibility into business-critical online services. (Marketing came up with that one.) Talk to you soon 😉'

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