Test drive our new user interface, now in Beta

At New Relic, we are aggressively pursuing the goal of building THE primary tool IT teams need to manage the entire production application environment. Needless to say, this is a large, ambitious project that will take years to complete, but along the way, we look forward to delivering a bunch of new and highly differentiated capabilities at regular intervals.

To accommodate this goal, we needed to revisit the user interface of RPM, in particular the navigation model. As we continue deliver more pages in the product to increase visibility and improve the product’s analytical capabilities, we are quickly running out of horizontal space that our current user interface template requires.


In some environments like Apache Solr search server, RPM has up 10 tabs!  Time for a little reorganization!

To address this, we are moving the top level navigation to a vertical bar on the left, complemented with a contextual navigation bar across the top. Today we are announcing public beta for this navigation model, dubbed V3.


Our new UI features an extensible left nav with horizontal sub-nav elements.

We encourage you to give the V3 design and navigation system a try.  Simply click on “Switch to V3” in the footer of any page and voila, our new skin appears in all its Beta glory. Click on the “Switch to V2” link to go back to… early 2011. All the RPM pages are essentially the same, but they are hopefully presented in a more intuitive fashion that’s easier on the eyes. And this gives the product room to grow, which is nice.  As always, we welcome your feedback – hey, everybody’s a design critic! Visit New Relic support. We’ll pay close attention.

And of course, we’ll be using some of that that extra real estate in short order! Stay tuned for some exciting product announcements in May.


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