Tapp Introduces a New Way to Auto-Scale

Tapp logoBack in December we announced our partnership with cloud broker Besol, the creator of Tapp. Tapp makes it easy for companies to seamlessly migrate between cloud providers with a truly unique and highly visual user experience.

Since then they’ve been hard at work building what we believe is a truly unique integration and solution for auto-scaling. For the first time, you can scale your cloud resources up or down based on application performance data and not just on server performance metrics alone.

Until this point, most auto-scaling has been performed based on very simple server metrics such as CPU consumption, memory usage and network utilization. This approach has several pitfalls:

* It doesn’t take into account your end users’ perception of app performance
* It requires a deep understanding of infrastructure performance
* Creation of complex rules is often difficult
* It makes it challenging to truly maximize your cloud infrastructure

The integration between New Relic and Tapp allows you to auto-scale your cloud resources based on Apdex, an industry standard solution that measures and rates user satisfaction levels based on the response time of an application For example, you may have all servers at 90% consumption and still have an Apdex value of 1. This shows that your users’ perception of your application is excellent and means you don’t need to scale your cloud resources.

Tapp screenshot

“The integration between New Relic and Tapp allows customers to quickly and automatically provision cloud resources where they are most effective, that is, based on the performance experienced by end users,” says Hector Rodriguez , CEO of Tapp. “[It’s] truly a game changer in the market.”

Getting Started with New Relic
Tapp customers already automatically get New Relic Standard free of charge and fully integrated in their Tapp console. To start using New Relic today, Tapp customers should simply log into their Tapp management console and click the New Relic tab to get started.


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