Tango Prepares for Its Next Chapter with Help from New Relic


It’s been a good month for mobile messaging company Tango. Just a couple weeks ago, Tango made headlines when word got out that Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba led a funding round of  $280 million into the company. That’s a huge vote of confidence, especially considering today’s crowded mobile messaging market. But lucky for Tango, it’s got a leg up on the competition: it offers not only free mobile voice, video and texting, but also social networking and content like games, music and photos.

“We are really just at the beginning of our story.” Tango Co-founder and CTO Eric Setton recently told us. “Last year alone, we crossed a hundred million members on the service and that growth is only expected to continue in 2014.”

Tango’s more than 200 million registered members are already connecting from hundreds of different countries and multiple types of networks, including 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi. And to support this global user base, the company has infrastructure set up in 13 different countries.

Because of this complex environment, having deep visibility into app performance and server capacity is absolutely critical. The Tango engineering team uses New Relic to quickly identify and resolve potential bottlenecks before they impact users. New Relic’s server monitoring also helps them scale and add more capacity whenever and wherever needed.

“By using New Relic, we’re able to release new features faster and spend less time resolving issues,” said Eric. “It’s helping us make better business decisions, not just in monitoring and capacity planning, but in identifying traffic patterns that are forming when deploying new features to our members.”

You can learn more about Tango and how it’s keeping users connected and engaged in the video below.

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