Tango Finds New Relic Alert Policies to be a “Life Saver”


Last month at FutureStack we released our new Alert Policies, which makes managing alerts easy. Over the last few weeks, we have been regularly checking in with customers to see what they think of this new feature. Customer feedback is very important to us at New Relic – it’s in our DNA to continually improve our customers’ experiences. So we appreciated the response we got from Guy Fighel, the Director of Engineering at Tango, in a recent phone interview.

Tango is an all-in-one messaging application with mobile and web services that stretch across the globe using multiple cloud providers. The company uses New Relic to simplify its complex app environment, which supports over 160 million members in 212 countries.

 “With the new alerting policies, we have everything we need,” says Guy. ”We integrate New Relic alerts with PagerDuty and the right APIs. It’s extremely easy to customize to our needs.”

Guy went on to say, “The user interface is nice, particularly the ability to see all the servers and their status on a single dashboard. The capability we love is the alerts based on groups and the individuals each alert impacts. Ultimately, the PagerDuty integration is a lifesaver.”

Guy’s response is very similar to what we’re hearing from other customers using Alert Policies.  This is because Alert Policies were developed to allow you to configure and share Alert Conditions and Alert Channels to any servers, applications and key transactions with similar alerting requirements. We also wanted you to have the ability to create as many Alert Channels as needed using our new integrations with PagerDuty, HipChat, CampFire, Jira and Webhooks, with several integration partners such as OpGenie and Hall, as well as email. Also, you can now pool any of your Alert Channels into Groups for easier setup, maintenance, and sharing across different Alert Policies.


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