Getting Started With New Relic Synthetics [Video]

At FutureStack14 in October, New Relic announced Synthetics, an automated monitoring solution that can proactively detect application performance problems before your users see them. The product generates synthetic traffic to your website, rather than collecting passive real user data, which can give you more confidence that your site—and your business—is operating smoothly and help prevent unwanted surprises for your actual customers.

New Relic Synthetics became publicly available in November, but some users may still have questions, such as:

  • What information does Synthetics provide?
  • How is Synthetics different from New Relic Browser?
  • Which product should you use to monitor your application?

These questions and more are answered in this informative 7-minute video: Getting Started with New Relic Synthetics

Watch the video, then post your follow-up questions to the New Relic Community Forum.

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