When Gottlieb Duttweiler founded Migros in 1925 in Zürich, Switzerland, he sold just six essential items—coffee, rice, sugar, pasta, coconut fat, and soap—from five trucks that rolled from one local village to the next. But he made such a good job of it, the fledgling company was soon expanding rapidly.

migros logoToday, Migros has become Switzerland’s largest retailer, selling everything from fresh produce to home appliances, in both brick-and-mortar stores and online. With more than 100,000 employees, it is also the country’s largest private employer as well as a cooperative business boasting more than two million members.

From its humble beginnings, Migros has constantly evolved and adapted to meet the challenges of each successive era. Today, as e-commerce continues to grow in importance, this means harnessing the power of the New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform to provide the best possible digital customer experience.

Time to streamline and simplify

According to Alain Petignat, head of online development and operations for Migros, the company has a complicated application environment, incorporating more than 300 customer-facing applications, some developed by third parties and some custom-built in house. Most of these applications run on-premise, with some components—image processing, for example—hosted in the cloud.

The result is a complex mixture of applications, microservices, technologies, and infrastructure, maintained by various teams working according to their own processes, preferences, and schedules. To manage that complexity, explains Alain, Migros needed a way to “really streamline and simplify our deployment, operations, and monitoring processes.”

Insights you can rely on

Moving to Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Puppet helped the company standardize its deployment process. But it was only when one of the company’s software partners recommended New Relic that Migros took the next step. “When [our partner] showed us how it helps them monitor performance, we knew it would be the right tool for us as well,” says Alain.

Since deploying New Relic to monitor customer-facing applications as well as the company’s full technology stack and infrastructure, multiple Migros teams (including those focused on operational performance, web analytics, and user experience) have come to rely heavily on the data and insights New Relic provides.

“With New Relic, we can see the impact of deployments on our performance and infrastructure,” says Alain. The way content renders on different pages, for example, can be monitored via New Relic Browser, helping Migros optimize the experience for online shoppers.

And when Migros decided to consolidate its physical infrastructure, reducing its nine data centers just four, New Relic proved equally valuable: “New Relic helped ease our concerns because we used it to catch any issues created by the consolidation before they impacted our customers,” Alain explains.

Though running Migros today is a little more complicated than it was back when Herr Duttweiler dispatched his first truck full of coffee and rice, the company’s core mission of promoting the health of its customers by selling “responsible” products at low prices remains unchanged. And with New Relic helping out behind the scenes, look for that success to continue for decades to come.

Learn more

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