Sumo Logic’s New Relic Plugin: Gain Actionable, Instant Insight Into Your Machine Data

Sumo Logic LogoThis is a guest post from Brandon Mensing, a Solutions Engineer at our partner Sumo Logic.

As the next-generation machine data analytics solution, Sumo Logic allows you to easily gain instant insight into your machine data. Whether through our highly scalable analytics or through our partners’ monitoring tools, the Sumo Logic service transforms Big Data into real-time operational intelligence.

To that end, we are pleased to announce our partnership with New Relic along with our first product integration. By leveraging the New Relic plugin platform, you can now integrate event-driven log data indexed in Sumo Logic with New Relic’s monitoring capabilities.

The Sumo Logic Windows Events Plugin

Our first plugin lets you monitor Windows events within the New Relic dashboard, so that joint customers can see a spike in CPU utilization or network traffic adjacent to a list of Windows Events (such as Top Systems Events, Top Security Events, and Login Attempts) coming in from the Sumo Logic service. After identifying a sudden and unexpected increase in one of your tracked metrics, you can drill down and make better operational decisions by leveraging the Sumo Logic service to identify the root cause of the issue.

We’re also in the process of developing additional plugins for various other data sources so anyone can integrate specific data from their system deployments with their New Relic monitoring. With our first plugin and the integrations still to come, you’ll be able to instantly investigate the underlying cause of system changes and rapidly resolve issues before there is any impact on their own users.

Try It Out Today

To get started, log in to your New Relic account, click on Plugins, and search for Windows Events from Sumo Logic. Go here for more information. As we learn more from our customers, we’re excited to refine and extend our plugins portfolio. We also look forward to hearing feedback about your requirements so we can ensure that you get the most value out of your data and the Sumo Logic – New Relic integration.

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