Stax Networks and New Relic team to provide integrated, on-demand Java app management in the Amazon EC2 Cloud

Stax_250x250Today we announced a new partnership with Stax Networks, a leading provider of Java platform-as-a-service offerings for applications deployed on the Amazon EC2 Cloud. As part of this partnership, New Relic RPM has been integrated into the Stax console, allowing Stax customers to automatically monitor and troubleshoot applications 24×7 as they are deployed on EC2.

New Relic is excited about our partnership with Stax. Just last week we announced our support for managing Java applications deployed on physical servers or in cloud environments such as Amazon EC2. As the only cloud-ready, on-demand performance management tool for Java applications, it’s important that we team with companies like Stax–leaders in cloud computing–to provide robust solutions for ensuring successful deployments.

Spike Washburn, Stax Networks CEO, said today “Organizations deploying Java applications on the Stax platform understand the value of having a responsive and flexible solution that can rapidly meet their needs. We’ve teamed with New Relic to offer application management services that give customers essential capabilities for monitoring application performance while successfully meeting their expectations for speed and agility. Additionally, New Relic RPM gives the Stax support team simultaneous visibility into our customers’ applications, allowing us to work collaboratively with them to ensure application health and availability.”

Customer of Stax Networks? Try New Relic RPM Today, it’s free!

If you are a Stax Networks customer, monitoring application performance in the Stax console is simple and automatic. Select the option to enable New Relic monitoring via the application configuration page in the Stax console. A wizard guides you through the RPM account setup process. Once New Relic monitoring is enabled, the application is launched with the New Relic agent automatically enabled, and the New Relic Dashboard will be displayed on the application’s Operations page.'

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