Partners with New Relic to Build Market Trust [Video]

For many consumers, corporate transparency isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also a competitive differentiator. StatusPage makes it easier for companies to be more transparent with their customers. The StatusPage platform encourages greater transparency for its customers by building and hosting beautiful status pages that are brand-compliant and hassle-free.


A beautiful friendship

The partnership between New Relic and StatusPage began when the company launched in 2013. StatusPage was looking for ways to add value by integrating with other technologies. Customer requests for ways to put their application performance data from New Relic on their status pages prompted StatusPage to take a closer look at New Relic. And that revealed a surprising statistic: Nearly half of its customers were already using New Relic. This made the decision to bring the two solutions together an easy one.

As a New Relic Connect partner, StatusPage has built a seamless integration that brings in-depth application performance management (APM) data directly into the StatusPage interface, with just a few clicks. StatusPage customers simply enter their New Relic API key and select which metrics they want to display on their status page.

Incorporating data collected by New Relic enables StatusPage’s customers to enhance transparency with their own customers—helping to reduce inbound support tickets, reduce churn, and boost customer trust.

“When you’re a startup, it’s a major win to collaborate with a well-recognized brand like New Relic. There’s no question that this partnership has helped us gain a foothold in the market,” says Scott Klein, CEO and co-founder of StatusPage.

Learn more about the partnership between StatusPage and New Relic in the video below.

Performance is critical

Like New Relic, StatusPage customers (who, by the way, all get New Relic Standard free of charge) rely on the company’s service to keep their users informed in the event of an outage. So when it comes to application performance, StatusPage has no room for error—the application simply must be up and running without exception.

New Relic plays a critical role in maintaining that level of mission-critical, always-on performance. The StatusPage team uses New Relic to understand their user’s experience as well as to locate the source of any bottleneck, anywhere in the stack, all the way down to the individual line of code.

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