Star Trek Fans Rejoice

Star Trek logoEvery summer in Portland, once the rain has stopped and sun comes out, Portland’s wildly popular Trek in the Park series returns. Opening this year on August 4, they’ll be doing their most complex production yet: Episode #39 — Journey to Babel (complete with blue-skinned Andorians!)

Our Portland office houses most of our engineering team and being the nerdy engineers we are, we love Trek in the Park: we love that it’s Trek (yes, we’re that nerdy); we love that it’s family friendly (it goes with our Best Places to Work family friendly nature); we love that it’s free (just like New Relic Lite); and we love that it’s put on by really talented and enthusiastic people (because we’re talented and enthusiastic people too!) We’re such big fans that this year we’re proud to be the major sponsor of Trek in the Park, helping to keep Trek fantastic and free, and helping to keep Portland a great place to live and work.

If you’re one of those talented, enthusiastic engineers and you’d like to work in a great startup without the brogrammer hours or attitudes, you can find us online or at Cathedral Park watching the show.'

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