Fresh air, exercise, endorphins, fitness, and team spirit—all benefits of the sporting life. But before athletes and outdoorsy-types can reap that payoff, they need to score quality equipment and clothing.

Since 2009, smart sports enthusiasts in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland) have been getting their gear from Swedish sporting goods e-tailer Sportamore. The company offers 15,000 products from 300 brands, outfitting more than 30 sports and activities.

sportamore logoWith its unique ability to offer 3-hour delivery to customers in major Nordic cities, Sportamore has been growing fast. In fact, Sportamore’s business expanded 29% in 2016 alone!

Continuous challenges

One key to Sportamore’s success is its commitment to technological innovation. As CTO Mikael Flodman explains, all of the company’s software and systems—from websites and mobile apps to logistics and warehouse management—are designed and built in house.

Using a continuous deployment and DevOps approach to software development helps Mikael’s team roll out new features and products several times a day—a critical advantage for a company with no physical locations, doing all of its business through online channels.

But continuous delivery can present a challenge when it comes to website and app performance. Thankfully, Sportamore has a star player on its team: New Relic.

Confidence is everything

When Mikael first encountered the New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform at an industry conference, he knew it was just what his team needed. “Now we use New Relic to monitor pretty much everything, whether it’s a consumer-facing or a critical internal service, from our servers to the frontend customer experience to our mobile app,” he says.

Thanks to New Relic, Mikael and his team can deploy fast and fearlessly. “New Relic gives us a greater sense of security and increased confidence in frequent deployments that we’ll be able to react quickly to unforeseen changes in performance.”

And when those unforeseen changes do happen, New Relic Alerts makes sure the Sportamore team knows about them ASAP. “We rely heavily on New Relic to tell us when new code results in performance degradation or when something unexpected happens in our software.”

Bringing the whole team on board

With New Relic dashboards now a staple piece of equipment in Sportamore’s high-tech kit bag, Mikael is encouraging his non-technical colleagues to embrace the power of digital intelligence. “We are introducing [dashboards] to the commercial side of the company, including marketing, giving our business partners the ability to track e-commerce performance.”

A major goal from the marketing perspective is greater personalization in site UX and customer communications. “We want to deepen the use of segmentation and personalization to get closer to customers,” says Mikael. “With New Relic, we can monitor how changes to the customer experience are performing across all channels.” Even better, “We can have one view of the customer and share that information with the rest of the organization.”

Whatever rival it needs to beat, whatever mountain it needs to climb, whatever at-the-buzzer surprises it must face, Sportamore is glad to have New Relic on the team.

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