The customer experience is central to everything Solware does. The French software company makes management software for medical offices and automotive retailers, so it’s the digital customer experience that counts.

solware logoWith more than 120,000 total users and 6,000 daily users, platform availability and performance is always critical for Solware—but that’s only part of the story. As an early adopter of SaaS technology, Solware was also quick to realize the potential of the cloud to help deliver a highly advanced technology solution while retaining the all-important personal touch.

Scale to grow

Solware CIO Yannick Franҫois stresses the importance of customer satisfaction: “It’s not just the system uptime and application performance which we need to monitor; we have to make sure the overall customer experience is a positive one.”

Looking at the company’s plans for aggressive growth, Yannick realized his current monitoring system just wasn’t up to the job. “Often a problem wouldn’t even be at our end, but we just didn’t have the insight we needed to make that diagnosis,” he says.

So Solware initiated a proof-of-concept test for the New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform. In less than three hours, Yannick and his team were able to pinpoint areas for improvement, and when New Relic revealed what was causing bottlenecks his team had been working on for days, Yannick recalls, “it was like magic!”

Solware relies on New Relic APM, New Relic Browser, New Relic Synthetics, New Relic Mobile, and New Relic Insights to see both current issues and high-level application-health trends. The New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform gives the company a brand-new way to zoom in on specific pain-points and speed corrective action. The result? Support has improved and incidents have been reduced drastically.

Ready for the future

Incorporating New Relic into its technology stack helps Solware feel prepared for the future. “Without New Relic, we could not have scaled to the number of customers we support today, and would instead have needed to increase our team by at least three members, with significant cost ramifications,” Yannick says. “The partnership with New Relic is fantastic and we love seeing our change requests translate into new features—proof that New Relic takes its customer satisfaction as seriously as we take ours.”

To learn more about how Solware relies on New Relic to keep on delivering the perfect digital customer experience—and deal with strict privacy regulations—read the full Solware customer case study.


drapeau francaisLisez l’étude de cas en français: Solware a pour objectif de fournir une expérience client la plus positive possible avec New Relic

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