New Relic, Software Analytics, Product Names, and Children’s Shoes

New Relic recently turned 6 years old.  We started our journey as a disruptive Application Performance Management (APM) company and had one product, so we called it New Relic – the same name as the company. If you’ve got one product you might as well call it the name of the company. Why confuse things, right?

New Relic’s core mission has always been to help our customers build the best software they can. We always knew that meant innovating in new areas and building products in categories other than APM. That’s exactly why Lew Cirne, New Relic founder and CEO, built this company and its founding technology in a way that facilitates rapid innovation.

With those roots in place, we have innovated at pace and quality I have never witnessed before in my career. In six years New Relic has:

  • Added support for 6 (non-mobile) languages and countless frameworks
  • Created a new and completely free offering for monitoring servers running Linux, Windows, & SmartOS
  • Built a suite of real user and browser monitoring capabilities
  • Invented the world’s first product for monitoring native iOS and Android mobile apps (technically, 2 more languages)
  • Published our own mobile app so customers could use New Relic on the go
  • Opened our platform to the community of developers to create monitoring plugins for any technology (did you know there are over 90 plugins available now)

And in case you haven’t heard the news, we just launched the beta for our Real-time Analytics Platform called Insights.  That’s a lot for six years and I only touched on the really, really big stuff.

So, one morning you wake up in year six and it hits you – New Relic isn’t a one-product company anymore. And we’re not just an APM company anymore either. It’s always been the plan and what we’ve been working on for six years.  But still it feels like it happened overnight.

It’s kinda like a kid. You know they’re growing everyday  but one day you wake up and your kid is six years old and his toes are poking out of holes in shoes.  It couldn’t have happened over night but this kid has grown and needs some new kicks.

New Relic needed some new kicks too. Actually, what we needed was an industry or category that fit us. We tried a bunch on but none fit just right. So, we created one. We call it Software Analytics and it’s all about collecting real-time metrics from live production software and transforming those metrics into actionable data. Everything we’ve built so far does exactly that. Our first product has been collecting real-time performance metrics from your live production software and transforming them into actionable data that you use everyday to build the fastest and most reliable software you can.

Your software emits more types of data than just performance and reliability metrics.  In fact, it is the single best source for data about your software, customers, and business. Which means Software Analytics solves a range of problems for a variety of people in different job functions in a single company.  Software Analytics has the following sub-categories to more precisely describe the types of products and solutions available:

  • Application Performance Management (APM)
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Real-time Analytics Platforms
  • Operational Intelligence
  • Business Optimization & Analytics Applications

New Relic doesn’t have products in all of these sub-categories yet. But hey, Software Analytics is an entire category and it’s big. We’ll get there. Relax.

Now, back to my analogy. When that six-year-old kid, you know the one who grew out of his shoes, gets himself some shiny new kicks, he probably won’t care, but I guarantee his mom will throw in some new clean socks to match. Now that New Relic has this really shiny new category Software Analytics, we figured we better throw in some new clean product names to match. Drum roll please…

Read in your best game show announce voice (I prefer Rod Roddy):


First, the one you’re most familiar with, our first product formally known as the company namesake of New Relic is now… New Relic APM! Your Software Analytics subcategory is, you guessed it, Application Performance Management.

New Relic for Mobile Apps, that was ‘kinda sorta’ your name, you will now most definitely be referred to as New Relic Mobile. Your Software Analytics subcategory is Application Performance Management.  Thanks for monitoring those 560 million mobile devices!

Real user monitoring, you and you’re 1.2 million domains under management are next – your new name is New Relic Browser! Your Software Analytics subcategory is also Application Performance Management.

We didn’t forget Server Monitoring, you’re now New Relic Servers! Your Software Analytics subcategory is Infrastructure Management.  650,000 servers are happy because of you!

New Relic Platform –we named you right the first time – you’re still New Relic Platform. But, your new Software Analytics subcategory is Infrastructure Management. I know, you do lots of things but most of it is Infrastructurey, right?  Many of the 25,000 installed plugins are infrastructure oriented.

And last but certainly not least is our newest product New Relic Insights, which caused us to think of all this naming stuff and so got a clean name from the beginning. Your Software Analytics subcategory is Real-time Analytics Platforms.

Did that all make sense.  I hope so.  If not, here’s the simplified two sentence recap: New Relic is a Software Analytics company with a suite of products (some free, some not) spanning several “sub-categories”, including APM, Infrastructure Management, and now Real-time Analytics. If you have kids, make sure their shoes fit.

Find out more about our products, here:


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