Live events and conferences are no longer the dry, static presentations of old. Nowadays, many events have become much more dynamic and engaging, letting audiences participate in the onstage conversation in real time by asking questions online and responding to interactive polls.

slido logoSlido is at the heart of this eventful innovation. The Slovakian company offers an audience interaction platform for meetings, events, and conferences that has helped revolutionize almost 50,000 events this year alone, across more than 100 countries, engaging millions of participants. Prominent brands such as Adobe, Spotify, KPMG, WeWork, and Cisco trust Slido technology to transform their events from everyday into exciting.

Slido Security and Data Privacy Manager Stefan Chromik knows that big company events represent a sizeable investment and take a lot of time and effort to plan: “Event planning is stressful and once the curtain goes up, our clients must know that our technology will work. Infrastructure uptime and performance are at the heart of everything we do at Slido.”

One challenge Slido faced was that, when it came time for audiences to access their application to participate in a poll, the system needed to able to handle the sudden burst in traffic. “In the past we would experience a significant slow-down or even an outage a couple of times each quarter, and in our business we just cannot afford for that to happen,” says Chromik. “We were relying on infrastructure monitoring solutions but really didn’t understand the root cause of our problems.”

Instant insight with New Relic

Slido offers both a desktop application for Windows and Mac OS as well as iOS and Android mobile applications. Slido is a SaaS solution that is hosted entirely on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“New Relic Infrastructure gives us a great addition to CloudWatch monitoring provided by AWS,” says Chromik, “The Infrastructure AWS integration gives us a level of visibility we just couldn’t get with only the AWS management console.”

In addition to New Relic Infrastructure, Slido relies on the entire suite of tools in the New Relic platform to quickly and easily identify issues so they can be resolved before they have a chance to impact the all-important customer experience. Tools such as New Relic APM, New Relic Infrastructure, and New Relic Browser work together to give Slido a deep view of its performance, combining infrastructure data with application monitoring data so that the root cause of any issue is clear and can be addressed quickly.

New Relic Insights helps Chromik’s team to see a big-picture view of all that data. “We really appreciate Insights’ simplicity, which enables us to retrieve the information easily and then share it across a broad group of colleagues, often using big LCD screens to display easy-to-understand dashboards,” Chromik says.

Chromik loves the visibility New Relic delivers: “The APM and Browser dashboards give me real-time feedback, pinpointing any issues in the system. Because the information is so specific, we immediately know who will be affected and our Customer Success team can contact customers straightaway with a proposed resolution plan.”

“Without the New Relic platform on board, we would have needed to hire up to five extra people to keep up with our aggressive company growth over the last few years,” says Chromik. He concludes, “We are moving towards agile processes and New Relic is a fantastic partner for this initiative, having already proved its worth in our agile application development and testing efforts.”

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