Skystack standardizes on New Relic; provides proven app management to customers free of charge

skystackAnother leading platform provider has selected New Relic to provide free app management for their customers! Today we announced that Skystack, an app delivery platform provider, has standardized on New Relic to provide proven application performance management capabilities for its Cloud customers free of charge.

Skystack founder and CEO Tass Skoudros said today “I founded Skystack with the goal of radically simplifying application management. Partnering with New Relic to integrate its monitoring and management capabilities is a win-win, because New Relic shares the same ‘application centric’ philosophy. Our customers will benefit greatly from having complete visibility of their applications. We wanted it to be really easy to use New Relic with Skystack and we are already receiving positive feedback from our customers.”

Getting Started

Our friends at Skystack have made it super easy to get started with free New Relic. Check out this video from Tass:

In a nutshell: just sign up for Skystack and log into your account. From your dashboard, click the Partners link under the section titled “Performance Monitoring by New Relic.” From there just hit the connect button. Add New Relic to your apps by clicking “+ Add” in the App Library. Click “yes” to confirm and that’s it! Sign up for your Skystack account today and see how easy it can be to deploy and manage your apps!'

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