simplesurance Relies on New Relic to Insure Its Platform Is Always Up and Running

If you’ve recently purchased a product online, you’ve likely been offered the opportunity to buy insurance for it during the checkout process, such as an extended warranty on a smartphone. If you’re already spending your hard-earned money on something valuable, why not protect it?

broken iphonesE-commerce and insurance are two of the largest industries in the world, valued at $1.5 trillion and $4.5 trillion, respectively—and one innovative company has managed to tap into both. simplesurance has developed a platform that makes it easy for e-tailers to cross-sell product insurance at the point of sale. The simplesurance solution integrates into the checkout process of online retailers and offers a one-click buying experience for their customers. Buy it, insure it, and go!

But to fulfill its own mission statement—“to be the world’s leading e-commerce provider for product insurance”—this Berlin-based company needed a plan to handle its rapid growth while still keeping customers happy.

Outgrowing its IT infrastructure

When simplesurance first started out, a traditional data center and single monolithic application were adequate for its technology requirements. But as the company grew, it realized that it needed a more robust IT infrastructure. So simplesurance decided to move its cross-selling platform to the cloud (via Amazon Web Services) in order to scale with ease and automate deployment.

As part of its shift to a modern architecture, the company also adopted a modern monitoring solution: New Relic.

End-to-end monitoring

simplesurance uses New Relic to monitor and analyze every aspect of its IT environment—starting with the all-important AWS cloud. “New Relic APM and New Relic Servers allow us to measure the performance of each layer of our AWS cloud,” says Ismail Asci, co-founder and chief technical officer of simplesurance. If there’s a problem at the AWS level, performance bottlenecks can be seen immediately in New Relic, making the issue instantly identifiable and actionable for the simplesurance team.

In addition, tools like New Relic Browser provide the same deep visibility into the client side of things. This ability to continuously monitor and test every aspect of its performance allows the company to keep improving the user experience for everyone, both the e-commerce sites that rely on the simplesurance platform as well as their customers.

simplesurance logoTo learn more about how simplesurance relies on New Relic as an insurance policy against performance problems, read the full simplesurance case study.


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