Setting Up New Relic’s Infrastructure: Learning From Mistakes

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Nic Benders is an esteemed manager on the Site Engineering team, where he works hard to keep operations interesting, not exciting, fight the insidious MTTR and always, always, make more awesome. Below he’ll introduce the talk he gave at our first user conference, FutureStack13, and talk a little about why missteps aren’t always a bad thing.

Let’s be honest here: mistakes were made. Luckily for us, and for our infrastructure, everything you get right tends to have a mistake in its rearview mirror.

There’s a lot that goes into running a SaaS company: Continuous Deployment, DNS, who gets to play with production, hardware selection, setting up RAID, and on and on. We’ve been running New Relic for about five years now, but if we were to set up our infrastructure all over again, there are definitely a few things we’d do differently. Of course, there’re also a couple of things we would repeat without question.

Learn from our mistakes

The things we’ve done right at New Relic share a common element: they are mostly things that we’ve previously gotten wrong somewhere else. With such a deep bench of errors to draw from, wouldn’t it be great if others could learn from our mistakes without having to make all the same missteps themselves?

In this video of a talk Dave Peterson and I gave at FutureStack13 this year, we hope to do exactly that. With any luck at all, there is something in there that you can start or stop doing immediately to make your life better. For the diligent scholar, the slides are available on SlideShare.

Help us learn from yours

Before you go, if you’d like to put your own history of mistakes to work helping us build a smarter future, we’re hiring.'

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