Available Now: Free Server Monitoring as a core feature of New Relic app management

When enough customer conversations include the phrase “You know, you ought to add server metrics to New Relic,” you get the hint. So we started to seriously consider what it would take. And the more we thought about it, the more we realized that there were no server monitoring tools that captured and presented server performance data from the perspective of web app performance–as part of a single, comprehensive APM tool, fully integrated and built from the ground up. That was our approach–make a tool that developers and app deployment teams could use to quickly and confidently determine the impact of server health on web application performance.

Today we are very pleased to announce the official launch of FREE New Relic Server Monitoring. That’s right, FREE–just like Real User Monitoring (RUM). We’re not out to charge you for every little (or big) feature we can think of. Our goal is to build the only tool you need to monitor and manage the performance of your web applications, from top to bottom, from front to back. And server monitoring is a huge part of that vision because it lets you:

    • Monitor CPU usage, physical memory, network activity, load averages, and more as part of your APM tool
    • View all apps running on a server, and assess the impact of server utilization on web app performance
    • See which servers have capacity issues so you can take corrective action
    • See processes prioritized by memory or CPU consumption
    • Track server health availability in clouds, physical, or hybrid environments
Server Monitoring

Don’t take our word for it. See what customers Gawker and IGN had to say about application and server monitoring in their environments:

We want to express our deepest appreciation to the companies like Shopify, Gawker, and IGN that participated in the server monitoring private beta. We couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you for your willingness to use the feature on your live systems and to provide the detailed feedback we needed to make sure we provided immediate and lasting value.

Getting Started
And if you were thinking that Server Monitoring was going to be a huge headache to install…loads of config and customizing dashboards, etc. you’d be wrong. As per usual, we’ve tried to make the entire process as smooth as possible. If you already use New Relic, just click on the “Servers” tab in the product. The install only takes a few minutes. If you don’t already use New Relic, try it out for free, we think you’ll like it.

For more information, check out these articles in our knowledge base:


*Note: Right now Server Monitoring just supports Linux servers, and requires* root access to install, but keep an eye out for more platforms in the future.


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