Scholarship Spotlight: Jessica Mong (HackBright Academy) and Momoko Saunders (App Camp for Girls)

futurestack-logo.png__768×200_We are just two short weeks away from our inaugural user-conference, FutureStack – I know, we can’t believe it either! Beyond our all-star speakers we’ll be hosting, we’d like to take a moment and boast about our awesome scholarship recipients.

Today, we’re hearing from Jessica Mong with HackBright Academy and Momoko Saunders with App Camp for Girls to hear what they have to say about the future of modern software. Read on to find out:

What corner of the tech industry are you most excited to see grow and evolve?

Jessica: I’m excited about the energy efficient sector of technology. More specifically, I am interested in seeing and working on technology products that improve life in regions where there is not constant supply of electricity. I grew up in Nigeria where that is normal and I know the hardship that most people face, especially those who cannot afford backup generators.

Momoko: I am most excited about is machine learning; artificial intelligence has always been fascinating. I’m also thrilled about 3d printing, I think it will change everything – that which can be digitized will be!

 How do you think workplace diversity can help us build better software?

Jessica: Diversity is really the spice of life. I grew up in Lagos and I cannot imagine life without the various foods, cultural perspectives and languages that originate from the different tribes. Diversity brings the spark and color to the culture and product of any organization. Having a diversified workforce means that the company has a test population within itself.

Momoko: Diversity helps with any industry. The more minds you have working on a project, the more thoughtful the solution can be. It almost seems so obvious to me that diversity will help the software industry, it’s hard to know where to start.

What software would you build to significantly improve someone’s quality of life?

Jessica: I would build a fraud alerting system to be implemented in the Nigerian government. The corruption has eaten deep into our system and it would be good if we had a reliable system that can alert officials of fraudulent transactions in government offices. I can only hope that responsible officials will take due action against offenders.

Momoko: What I’d really like to build is software to help the bicycle industry. In short, it would be a mobile app enabling crowd-sourced info about road conditions aimed to help cyclists not only have a voice and outlet for frustrating roads or interaction with cars. It would also be a venue for expressing friendly routes and help legislators know more about what cyclist think of the roads.

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Hope to see you there!

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