Say Hello to Parse, New Relic’s Newest Mobile Partner

Parse logoThis is a guest blog post from Ilya Sukhar, CEO and Co-founder at Parse, the cloud app platform for iOS, Android, JavaScript, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and OS X and a New Relic mobile partner.

Here at Parse we see a wide variety of customers — from indie developers making games like Hotel Story, to massive, household names like the Food Network — building apps to support their brand. At every level though, when a developer is considering a service provider, their concerns remain constant: Is this reliable? Will my data be secure? Am I going to have to migrate my data if we get popular? Is this a scalable solution? Does this offer all of the tools I’m looking for in an intuitive, user friendly way? Parse is here to make sure that when you decide to use us to support your backend, the answers to all of those questions is “yes.”

Today’s developers are looking for one-stop solutions. No one wants to manage multiple accounts across different platforms or use different providers for the various features in an app, like push and data. We’re seeing an increase in MBaaS providers as a result and Parse is proud to be the clear leader in the space. Mobile developers want to create apps that are not only useful and engaging but also fast and reliable. That’s why we’re constantly working to provide the features our customers need and want, and this partnership with New Relic is yet another example of working to bring our developers the tools they need to create engaging, dynamic apps that are also reliable and scalable.

New Relic’s performance management capabilities for native mobile apps provide the visibility developers need to ensure their apps are rock solid. Together, Parse and New Relic allow developers to focus on creating the very best apps for their users with the confidence that critical performance data is always at their fingertips.

Check out this video where I discuss the mobile market, our partnership with New Relic, and the value that New Relic for Mobile apps brings to our customers.

Getting Started with New Relic for Mobile Apps
Through this unique partnership, Parse customers get New Relic Standard free of charge, including web monitoring and mobile monitoring for unlimited apps and users. Parse customers can sign up for their free New Relic Standard account today!

About Parse
Parse is the cloud app platform for iOS, Android, JavaScript, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and OS X. With Parse, you can add a scalable and powerful backend in minutes and launch a full-featured app in record time by focusing on the experience and not worrying about servers. We offer push notifications, social integration, data storage, and the ability to add rich custom logic to your app’s backend with Cloud Code.'

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