Did you know that 19 interns from schools all over the country spent their summers working with and contributing to a wide variety of New Relic teams: engineering, marketing, sales—even our legal team?

Now, as the summer winds down, our interns are wrapping up their projects here at New Relic and returning to school or applying for new positions. Before they headed out the door, we sat down with two of our San Francisco interns to ask about their experiences and what they learned this year.

(Be sure to read the profiles of all our San Francisco interns in this earlier post, and stay tuned to the New Relic blog for insights from some of our Portland engineering interns.)

Josh loved his New Relic internship so much, he came back for more

After completing his first interview, Josh Stabinksy, a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, knew he’d found an internship program that was a perfect fit. To Josh, the design of New Relic’s internship program stood out as special, providing him both the flexibility to pursue his multiple interests as well as enough structure to contribute meaningful work. As he’d learned from past internships, this was an extremely rare combination. “In my mind,” he said, “the ideal internship is a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties, which is exactly what I found at New Relic.”

Joshua Stabinsky: New Relic internsJosh valued his experience at New Relic so much that he’s just completed his second summer as a marketing analytics intern. “At the end of the day, the decision to return was a no-brainer,” he said. This summer, Josh spent much of his time building and visualizing dashboards in the Tableau data-visualization platform. After completing several daylong training sessions on how to use the tool, he was able to convert existing reports and build new visualizations using the software.

Josh believes he would not have gotten so much out of his experience at a company where interns are not as highly valued as they are at New Relic. Marketing Analytics Manager Maria Stopak was equally grateful to have Josh back on board this summer. “Josh is such a pleasure to have on the team,” she said. “He truly is authentic, which is one our company values.”

Josh credits his experience at New Relic with helping him to rethink his career path, and he chose to pursue a second major in information systems & technology as a result of his time on Maria’s team. “Had it not been for this internship, I would have missed out on an entire area of study that I had no idea I wanted to pursue, and subsequently at least a semester’s worth of incredible classes that have already wound up working perfectly in tandem with the work I’ve done at New Relic.”

While Josh will continue to work remotely with the marketing analytics team, he left us with this closing thought: “If it weren’t for New Relic and the incredible environment its employees help create, none of this would have been possible—and for that I am extremely grateful.”

An invaluable taste of “real stakes” work outside of the classroom

When UC Berkeley MBA student Mark Murphy arrived at New Relic, his mandate as the sales strategy intern was to create a more effective framework for New Relic’s outbound sales efforts; that is, to make it easier for the team to win more new customers. He discovered a sales team whose existing system was in many ways functional and effective thanks to its highly performing sales reps. Still, he believed the process had room for improvement, and highlighting those inefficiencies and improving upon them was the basis of Mark’s summer project.

Mark Murphy: New Relic internsTo get started, Mark explained, “I first sat down with sales to understand their biggest pain points and what issues could most readily be addressed.” Next, he worked with Infer, a third-party vendor that provides predictive analytics. Infer looked at New Relic’s past successes and, using a machine-learning algorithm, scored prospects from 0-100 on how likely an account would be a good fit for New Relic’s product offerings. “We then rolled this out to the mid-market sales organization via Salesforce.com, along with a more qualitative guide as to how to think about prioritizing the accounts,” he said.

Mark said he was impressed with the friendliness and openness of his colleagues as well as the lack of “territoriality” that can sometimes be found in sales teams—these are the positive characteristics he intends to seek out with future employers. He was also happy to supplement his in-class education with the hands-on experience he gained this summer: “There’s always going to be a difference between the theory you learn in school and how things work in practice,” said Mark. “I don’t think there’s a real substitute for work experience. Having said that, getting the background in school and solidifying it with real-stakes work has been very valuable.”

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Christina Robertson is a soon-to-be UC Davis grad and aspiring marketer currently interning at New Relic. In her time here, she has been trained on the Performance Marketing and Content and Communications Marketing Teams where she learned how to analyze and create marketing content. Outside of New Relic, she enjoys writing, travel, and co-directing the marketing department of her UCD student body. View posts by .

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