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New Relic Gartner APM Magic Quadrant

Update 8-20-12

Gartner has released its 2012 Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) report and WOW what a difference a year makes.

This year’s report included 14 vendors with NEW RELIC placed in the “LEADERS” quadrant. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Gartner Magic Quadrant reports, being classified as a “Leader” is the most coveted placement.

New Relic is ecstatic about this recognition, especially considering it comes from Gartner. Frankly, we were somewhat surprised by the recognition. Not because we don’t believe in our product but because we believe our approach to APM is so drastically different than that of the old stalwarts of the APM industry. Those companies focus exclusively on the “enterprise” market, develop complex on-premise software, specialize in monitoring older generation technologies, and sell their solutions through the expensive perpetual licensing model.

Having been down that path with Wily (an APM company I found and sold to CA Technologies in 2006), I created New Relic to break through the inefficiencies of traditional “enterprise” software and to revolutionize the APM market. The result? New Relic delivers a subscription, pay-as-you-go SaaS APM solution designed to manage complex, modern, cloud-centric applications at a fraction of the cost of incumbent solutions. New Relic customers achieve immediate value with code-level insight in just two minutes, eliminating the need for professional services and lengthy (and costly) implementation cycles. Our keen focus on user experience drastically reduces our customer’s time to resolution for the most difficult application performance problems. The net result: our customer’s bring their web apps to market faster, exceed their target SLAs and cost-effectively scale their apps based on demand.

How We Got Here
So, why did Gartner include New Relic in the report and name us a “Leader”? We believe it’s simple actually. New Relic is disrupting the APM market and that disruption is happening faster than anyone (even ourselves) could have imagined. This indicates to me that the disruption is in full swing and New Relic is the driving force.

Here’s how we are disrupting the APM market:

New Relic is a single product, built from the ground up to monitor the entire application stack, from browser to app to server and is delivered exclusively through SaaS. We don’t offer an on-premise version of our product. We are 100% dedicated to SaaS, and here are a few reasons why:

  1. SaaS provides the best experience to our customers: install to insight in minutes without talking to a human (unless you want to), no complex management systems or servers to install or upgrade, scale from 1 to 1,000 servers without lifting a finger.
  2. The economics of SaaS allows us to bring “Enterprise” grade software to the masses at prices even bootstrapped startups can afford (oh, and our pricing is simple and transparent).
  3. SaaS is the future of software and we are an innovative company that looks forward not backward. No straddling the line for us, we are committed to SaaS and we aren’t going to let an on-premise version hold us back.

In just four years, New Relic is proud to be serving over 25,000 happy customers, the largest install base of any APM vendor. Clearly, we aren’t the only ones who know SaaS rules.

SaaS is absolutely critical to our success. But it isn’t the only reason customers are managing over 600,000 application instances on our platform. Here’s a few other reasons customers love New Relic:

  New Relic is laser focused on the success of our customers both small and large.
  Our solution drastically simplifies the complex task of managing application performance.
  We are the only APM vendor that can manage performance for applications written in Ruby, PHP,
Python, Java, and .NET.
 Customers can manage all of their apps (regardless of language) using our single, intuitive SaaS interface.

What’s Next
As the only SaaS APM solution, we often compare ourselves to We are in totally different markets of course but if you think back to when started in 1999 — they began their journey to disrupt the CRM market through their “No Software” SaaS CRM solution. New Relic is on a similar journey revolutionizing the APM market.

We credit for blazing the early trails of SaaS.

We hold the SaaS torch and promise to continue blazing more trails of our own! We’re just getting started.

SaaS APM For the Win!

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