RunKeeper Keeps its Mobile App in Shape with New Relic

Can’t shell out the big bucks for a personal trainer? Or simply don’t want to? Well, then turn to RunKeeper, an iOS and Android-based fitness app that helps you stay in shape by tracking your running, walking, cycling, hiking, and biking using the GPS in your phone. Since RunKeeper was founded back in 2008, its user base has grown to more than 26 million people. And for Joe Bondi, Co-Founder and CTO at RunKeeper, this growth has brought both great pleasure and pressure.

“Performance is always a very high priority for us—it has to be if we want to make a good first impression with users,” Joe recently told us. That’s why he and the RunKeeper team use New Relic for Mobile Apps to monitor its popular fitness application. As Joe explains in the video below, New Relic helps them focus on making a better product for users and get to the source of problems faster. Our new User Interaction Traces feature, in particular, is one that Joe finds valuable, as it shows the RunKeeper team exactly where their apps are spending a lot of time once they’re out in the wild.

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