RPM Version 1.2 Now Available – Great new features

Have you ever:

  • Spent 3 hours solving a performance problem—only to find your team member solved the same problem last week?
  • Wished that RPM automatically opened a trouble ticket? Or Tweeted your team when there was a problem?
  • Wanted to see more detail about your ActiveRecord operations?
  • Wanted to compare performance before and after today’s deployment?
  • Wanted to know which controller actions are most important to your app?

Introducing RPM 1.2

We’ve added new features to ALL levels of RPM from Lite to Gold. We upgrade RPM pretty often and always add new ways to analyze performance and find problems. RPM 1.2 is no exception.

Here are the new ways RPM 1.2 makes your life easier:

1. Collaborate with your team.

  • Never troubleshoot alone. Solve Rails problems as a team with Notes. Just capture the graph, add your thoughts, and share your Notes with fellow investigators. Problems shared with your team aren’t problems for long. Over time, these notes become your application’s life story. Solving future Rails problems becomes that much easier. Great way to teach new guys how your app works. This is in all RPM levels.

Notes: Response time

2. Integrate without interrupting your workflow.

  • RPM integrates with Twitter, Campfire, Lighthouse, and Capistrano so you and your team can monitor and solve Rails performance problems without interrupting your day. This is in Bronze, Silver and Gold.
  • Use the API to check your app’s pulse from dashboards, iPhones, desktop widgets, management tools—wherever. Switch on the API and pull RPM data into any app you want. All RPM Levels.

3. More analysis tools for constant tuning.

Deployments Detail Page

Deployments. Wondering which came first—the deployment or the performance problem? Ask RPM. See your last deployment superimposed on app data—and spot a bad version before users feel the burn. Track how your app improves over time with deployment history. Different capabilities at Lite, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Controller Summary. Learn where your controller actions spend their time—so you know where to tune. Which controllers consume the most time? Which are called the most? Which have the greatest standard deviations? See a summary of key metrics for your app’s controllers for the last day, week, or month. Slice and dice any way you like. In Silver and Gold.

Database Report

Database Report. Want to speed up your database? Find out which ActiveRecord model operations are slowest, optimize calls, and spend less time in the waiting room. Compare database usage over time as your application evolves. Gold.

How do I get started with RPM 1.2?

• If you are interested in trying RPM, click here to find the RPM that’s right for you.
• If you already use RPM, upgrade your agent (see instructions) and then just log in to your account.


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