RPM now includes the very first integrated production profiler for Java web applications

New RelicToday we are very pleased to announce a new capability in RPM that we think will provide tremendous value to folks responsible for ensuring app performance. We’ve just introduced a production profiler that lets you profile threads in your running Java app, without paying the huge performance penalty required by traditional approaches. Now you can use RPM to optimize your app by finding potential issues in the exact line of code.

Otis Gospodnetić, founder of Sematext, a leading consulting and development services provider of enterprise-class search technology solutions based on Apache Lucene said today “We work with clients that are deploying business-critical applications and the solutions we deliver for them meet very high standards for performance and availability. The performance management capabilities provided by New Relic RPM allow us to work closely with these organizations to monitor application health and availability, identify potential issues, and make ongoing improvements. Additionally, the new thread profiling feature can make it even easier to optimize the application at the code level and ensure that its meeting business and performance goals.”

How does it work?

Until now, profiling has typically been used prior to deployment as part of the application testing process because traditional profiling tools can introduce excessive performance overhead, which will slow the running application and impact the user experience. New Relic RPM is now the first APM tool to provide real-time thread profiling, enabling development teams to find performance bottlenecks at the code level, uncover flaws in the application stack (virtual machine, app server, integration middleware, and more), reduce CPU utilization, and improve transaction response time, all without the negative side effects seen in traditional solutions.

RPM Thread Profiler

Use the slider to select duration, then hit ‘Start Profiler.’ Afterward, just click on the profile report. 

With the simple push of a button, RPM can record executing threads for a specified length of time in a live application, even while continuing to monitor performance. When the thread profiling session is completed, RPM provides a call stack and reports the call frequency for each thread in the stack.

RPM Thread Profiler

The Thread Profiler reports the call frequency for each thread in the stack trace.

Because performance issues in multi-threaded applications can be associated with the timing of events, a thread trace provided by a profiler can offer a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of an application’s behavior. RPM profiling results may indicate problems with application code or with code executing in some of the application stack such as the application server, JVM, or application middleware and frameworks.

When is it available?

Production profiling is available immediately at no additional charge for customers who have subscribed to RPM to manage Java applications. Until September 1, 2010 it will be included in all subscription levels of RPM including the free RPM Lite version. After September 1, it will be a feature of RPM Silver, Gold and Enterprise versions. To find out more about this feature, visit us on the web.

Don’t wait for management!

Get RPM today. Sign up takes 10 seconds and implementation takes 2 minutes. Managing app performance couldn’t be any easier.


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