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Overview ScreenWe here at New Relic are completely addicted to performance data, and are always checking on the performance of our applications. In fact, we’ve been known to earn demerits with our significant others and friends by jumping up from the dinner table to “just check to make sure the app is performing”. It turns out our significant others just don’t think this is a viable excuse.

So…last week we announced new iPhone access to your New Relic RPM or RPM Lite account as part of our standard offerings. We’ve already had quite a few people try it out with some very positive reviews. But we just can’t leave good enough alone. We’ve made some excellent improvements that we are sure you’ll like.

First, simply go to http://iphone.newrelic.com on your iPhone. We have recently changed this URL to be more in line with standard iPhone protocol, but if you have the old URL memorized, go ahead and continue using it. You’ll just find that you are taken to the standard RPM website where you now have the option to log-in using your iPhone.

Logging InWe’ve re-designed the log-in screen and have added a “Remember Me” slider. Type in your email and password and slide the slider to “On”. Now RPM iPhone Access will remember your user name and password the next time. No more hunt and peck. You can access your performance data that much faster now.

We’ve included below a number of other screen captures of iPhone Access looking at New Relic RPM itself.

Here are some of the upgraded capabilities:

Red, Yellow, and Green traffic lights that match the thresholds for each host and each application you’ve set within RPM. A triangle next to a metric indicates that the automatic incident detection has detected an incident in your application. Also, each of these metrics is click-able so you can drill down to see Database activity and your slowest performing controllers. Finally, we’ve even added some error tracking capabilities as well. See the type and count of recent errors in your application (we hope you don’t have any!).

We think the iPhone Access re-design should save you time and effort…and perhaps now you’ll be able to sit down for a hot meal now and then!

Let us know what you think by sending a note to info@newrelic.com, find us at newrelic on Twitter or stop by our GetSatisfaction page.

Additional iPhone Access Screen Captures

Logged IniPhone ErrorsActiveRecordController Actions


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